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About Minn Retirement Consultants

At Minn Retirement Consultants we have found that almost everyone could benefit from assistance when it comes to their finances. After all, transitions can be one of life’s most stressful and unpredictable periods – especially the transition from working life to retirement. Without a retirement plan, your financial security is left to uncertainty.

With Minn Retirement Consultants, rest assured you can get all the education, advice, and assistance you will need to maximize what you have. Financial security and peace of mind are top priorities for soon-to-be retirees. Today’s retirees are living longer so the fear of not having enough money, running out of money, or being a burden on their children in retirement is something our firm sees every day.  Our firm specializes in alleviating financial concerns from your retirement and helping you to create a legacy for your family.

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Sugar Mountain, North Carolina

About Keith

A driving desire to help his community in any small way was the core reason that Keith Minn landed in the financial industry. Born in South Korea, Keith and his family came to America when he was a young boy. Keith was raised by two hard working parents that taught him to have grit, and also taught him valuable lessons about how to be a loving and caring parent. These lessons will be carried for the rest of Keith’s life, and passed down to his boys as well. Once Keith entered into the workforce, he took a career path towards pharmaceuticals. After long years of being exposed to treatments that failed to heal the hurting, Keith began to consider the financial field to offer solutions that he knew would help. This passion mixed with a sincere care for the aging population in his community led Keith towards a seamless transition into the financial industry. Today, Keith assists hard working people become good stewards of the earnings, and leave legacies for their loved ones. Being a resource for the people of Sugar Mountain, North Carolina brings Keith so much joy.

Keith’s family is the heart behind all that he does. He is married to the love of his life, Angela, and together they have made a beautiful family. They have a house full of boys and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They love to road trip together and experience new places as a family. Keith is an active member of his church and volunteers at the Humane Society in his town. Keith works hard so that he will be able to enjoy his retirement years with his family, doing what they love to do!